17 Great Tips for Your Next Job interview

Have you got an interview coming up for a job that you were dreaming of? Check out our list of top tips for a job interview:

Interview Tips

  1. Check you have read the job advertisement and description if sent before your interview.
  2. Ensure you meet the requirements and you have a positive answer for any areas you do not fully meet.
  3. Research the company products, staff, culture, clients and competitors.
  4. Ensure you know the correct name of your interviewer and job title.
  5. Be sure you know the interview procedure; some companies have one-to-one interviews; panel interviews; assessment centres; psychometric testing.
  6. View a map and plan your journey in advance, allowing for delayed trains and accidents.
  7. Have your CV, references and any additional information requested, to hand.
  8. Conservative dress is preferred but check with the culture of the office too – wear smart attire and ensure your shoes are shiny and well kept.
  9. Layout your clothing the day before.
  10. Read over your CV and make sure you know it back to front.
  11. Focus on your achievements when asked interview questions and portray every response in a positive way.
  12. Do not interrupt your interviewer and give a steady handshake when entering.
  13. Prepare model answers for any tricky questions you believe they may ask you.
  14. Prepare your own questions in advance, which might include – What is the department business plan for the next 1 or 5 years? What challenges do you foresee and how do you plan to overcome these? What challenges do you envisage in this role?
  15. Unless prompted do not ask what the salary/benefits will be if this is the first interview.
  16. You could ask if there are any areas they would like further clarification on at the end – just to be able to have a second opportunity if necessary.
  17. Ask the follow up procedure; when you should expect to hear; 2nd or 3rd interviews etc if you are unclear and would like to know.

Second Opportunities

If you feel upon reflection you could have answered a question in a better way or failed to get an important achievement across, why not follow up with a letter thanking the interviewer for their time and reiterate your suitability for the post.

If you were unsuccessful

If you are unsuccessful in your interview, it is worth a call to request feedback – whilst they are very busy they might oblige and offer you some valuable tips as to where you could have improved.

If you were successful

Great you have secured a job offer, however, before rushing to resign it is worth requesting and receiving your offer officially by post.

Do not be late for your interview however do not be too early either. Employers won’t be very happy to see you there way too early.

Choosing the right attire is another important thing to remember. Ask your interviewer if there is a dress code to follow.

Finally, be yourself and honest. No need to hide real you from the employers. They will eventually see you when you are working for them. Lying would be the worst mistake you can ever make during an interview.

Good luck.

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