30 Strong Signs That it’s Time for You to Quit Your Job

Everyone has gone through these stages and have seen these signs below in their career unless they had a job that they loved and never though about leaving it.

Hating your job doesn’t mean you can quit today.

Hating your job doesn’t mean you will find something better today.

So check out following signs that you probably have either one of them or more in your head if you should quit your job or not.

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30 signs to quit your job

  1. Answering emails seems like an exhausting task.
  2. 50% of your day is spent doing random searches on Google as they occur to you.
  3. You’re holding the phone to your ear, but not actually calling anyone.
  4. You’re typing a random email to no one to appear that you’re working.
  5. You visit the bathroom more than 5 times per day, each visit increasing in length.
  6. You fall asleep while driving your car on your way to work.
  7. You’re bored by 8:30 AM.
  8. You randomly walk around the office pretending to be on your way to do something important.
  9. You take the over on start time.
  10. You take the under on quitting time.
  11. You start to realize that you’ve just stared at your computer screen for 15 minutes without realizing time has past.
  12. You’re having internal fits of rage when someone asks you to do something when it’s part of your job.
  13. You’re actually getting good at doodle art.
  14. When you start spending more time justifying why something isn’t done than it would have taken to just get it done.
  15. You start to strategically spread your questions for your boss throughout the day to appear more active.
  16. It takes at least an hour from when you arrive to when you actually do something productive.
  17. One of the first conversations you have with coworkers in the morning is about lunch.
  18. You really enjoy playing out the mock resignation in your mind.
  19. You’ve become an expert at early illness diagnosis and miraculous recovery.
  20. You begin to worry that “this is the best it’s going to get”.
  21. When asked by outsiders, you downplay your industry knowledge for fear that others will think you enjoy it.
  22. You become a “social media expert” based on the amount of time you spend on Facebook.
  23. Drinking on Tuesday’s becomes a thing again.
  24. Friday at lunch is considered the end of the week.
  25. You don’t feel like you are the part of the team anymore.
  26. You have more execuses to not to go to work than ever before.
  27. Your resignation letter has already been written in your head and just waiting for the right time.
  28. You visit that job board more often and check out latest vacancies in your field.
  29. Your CV doesn’t look as atttractive as before, need a better company in the work history section.
  30. Visiting social media sites at work more often especially Facebook and Twitter.

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