Cleaner Resignation Letter Example

How to resign from your job as a Cleaner. We have listed 10 great resignation letter examples here that can be used to resign from a Cleaner job gracefully.

Cleaner resignation letter

Leaving your job for good is not an easy decision to make. You must have something else in hand before handing your resignation letter to your employer. Think twice before going ahead if you haven’t found another job unless you are going to retire and this is your last job.

Some companies, especially large ones might want to do an exit interview with you. You may or may not attend this interview. It’s not compulsory however it is usually a good opportunity to explain why you are moving on with another company etc.

Your resignation will be accepted by the HR and they will let you know when will your notice period start and end. Don’t forget to prepare for leaving your work during your notice period. Pack all your personal belongings and report everything ie projects that you are on etc. you should to your colleagues and managers.

You need to be a professional and act like one when writing your resignation. Don’t be rude and try to be funny. You might want to go back to your previous employer or ask them to provide reference for you.

Resignation Letter Examples

#1 Due To Commute Resignation Letter Example

due to commute resignation

#2 Due to Marriage Resignation Letter Example

due to marriage resignation

#3 Resignation Letter Example Due to Low Salary

due to low salary resignation

#4 Due to No Childcare Resignation Letter Example

due to childcare resignation

#5 Resignation Letter Example Due to Unfair Treatment


#6 Resignation Letter Example – Due to Illness

due to illness resignation

#7 Resignation Letter Example: Returning to School

returning to school resignation

#8 Resignation Letter Example – Short Notice

short notice resign letter

#9 Resignation Letter Example with Two Weeks Notice

two weeks notice resignation letter

#10 Resignation Letter Example without Notice Period

no notice resignation letter

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