Delivery Driver Resignation Letter Example

Feel free to use this resignation letter example if you are going to leave your job as a delivery driver. Make sure that you have amended this letter before sending it to your employer.
Delivery Driver Resignation Letter Example
In the letter below you will see that you should always address them by using either Mr, Miss, or Mrs followed by announcing that you wish to resign from your job and stating the date when you plan to leave. By putting this first you will ensure that there is no doubt as to the reasons behind the letter, but after this you are always best to thank them for the job and do also wish them success even if you are glad to be leaving and are not too concerned as to how the company performs after you leave. The reason for doing this is to increase the chances of them giving you a positive reference should it be required in the future, so it is best to eat some humble pie rather than leaving on a sour note.

Job Resignation Letter Examples

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The last part is intended to show them that you have a desire to leave as smoothly as possible as well as making sure that you do not short change yourself with payments that you may be due. It does also show them that you have thought over every part of your resignation and you will not just walk out leaving them to struggle.

That is a sample resignation letter along with a brief explanation as to why the different parts are included in the letter. The main point is that it does not have to be long-winded and extensive, but instead it is best if it is short and to the point and allow you to leave with your head held high.

Delivery Driver Resignation Letter Example

Dear Mr/Mrs (followed by the name of your manager),

I am writing this letter to formally notify you of my intention to resign from my post at (insert the company name) from (insert the date when the resignation will take place).

I would like to thank you for the opportunity that you gave me when initially hiring me along with the continued support that you have shown me during my time of employment. Even though I am leaving the company on the above date I would like to wish your company continued success for the future and hope that you continue to grow further.

Finally, could you please inform me as to what will now happen with regard to my employee benefits, vacation leave that is outstanding, and my work schedule for the time that is left.

Kind regards.

(Your name)

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