Due to Marriage Resignation Letter Example

Use this resignation letter if you are going to relocate due to marriage so you will have to leave your job. Don’t forget to amend this letter as suitable before sending it to the employer.

Due to Marriage Resignation Letter Example

Once you are ready to resign then print your letter and either post or hand it to company or person you work for. Be polite, you will have nothing to lose for being kind.

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Due to Marriage Resignation Letter Example

Contact number
Email Address

Name of addressee
[Company Name]

Dear HR,

Please accept this letter as notice of my resignation from the position of [JOB TITLE] at [COMPANY NAME].

It has been my pleasure to work for [COMPANY] OVER THE last 2 years. However, due to marriage and I will have to relocate to where my partner lives. I have applied for a job near my new address and my application was successful.

If there are anything in particular you would like me to do during my notice period, please let me know.

I will work two more weeks as we agreed

I hope that we can work together again in the future.

Kind Regards


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