Example Resignation Letter Format

The format your resignation letter should follow is detailed below:

Provide your contact information by addressing your letter with:

Resignation Letter Format

First Name, Surname
Phone Number
Email Address
Date that the letter is written

Employer Contact information like addressing a letter formally using details required as above.

Dear Mr/Mrs/Ms if you know the name or Sir/Madam if not.

Opening paragraph – This should state that you are resigning from your position as (what is your job title/role) and when will your last working day be?

Next paragraph – In this section you could offer your employer why you are leaving and express what you have liked about your role, give any thanks for the opportunities, experiences that you have been given.

Final Paragraph – Conclude in a short summary offering thanks again and maybe offer to help with the recruitment to replace you and training someone new.

Close – Yours faithfully, Yours sincerely.

Signature – Leave a space to sign your name by hand and print your name underneath.

It is a personal choice how much information you put into your resignation. If you have had a great employment time with your current company and you are moving on to a step up the career ladder then you may be wishing to ensure your employer knows that and that you are thankful for the opportunities that they have provided for you.

Ensure that if you are not leaving on good terms that you do not turn your letter into a bad mouthing exercise. You will still have learnt valuable lessons through your employment and you have now found something better you would like to do so remember the moral ground and that you would like a clean reference to give to your new employer.

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