Follow Up To Telephone Call Letter Example

If you want to follow up a Telephone call with a nicely written thank you letter then check out our example below.

It is always nice to follow up your telephone call regarding your job application. They will be glad that you are interested in the job and you are prepared to go an extra mile.

Write a follow up letter which will show the employer how interested you are and you have got the relevant skills and work experience.

Thank You Letter Examples

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When to write a thank you letter:

  • A thank-you letter should be written after:
  • An interview.
  • A contact is helpful to you in a telephone conversation or e-mail;
  • Someone provides / sends information to you at your request;
  • A contact was particularly helpful to you at a career fair;
  • You visit a contact at their work site; and
  • Any other contact for which you want to express thanks and develop a good relationship.

Follow Up To Telephone Call Letter Example

Your Name

334 Some Road, Some Town, DD1 1CC

Mrs Clare Jansen
HHK Company
That Street
Some Town


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for talking with me on Wednesday in response to my job application for the role of Sales Assistant for the [ADD TOWN] store. After speaking with you and another HR staff, I am more interested in working for you.

On your advice, I have updated my CV, emphasizing my recent hotline volunteer activities. A copy is enclosed for you. I also plan to add a covering letter as you suggested, and appreciate your giving me some useful tips.

Thank you for inviting me to visit your store. I am available for an interview immediately and my notice period with my current employer is two weeks.

Again, thank you so much for your help and advice. I look forward to meeting with you in an interview.

Kind Regards


Follow Up To Telephone Call Letter Example

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