Formal Resignation Letter Examples With A Notice Period

You should do your best to give notice period to your employer regardless of the reason you are leaving your job.
Notice periods are usually covered within the contracts and it is mostly 2 weeks or 1 month however the employer can choose to let you go earlier than that if you ask them via a letter.

Formal Resignation Letter Examples With A Notice Period

The company need to replace you with someone else so it is important to give them notice periods.

The day comes when you’re sure you want to get out of your rut. It happens in lots of different ways. Sometimes it’s the workplace environment, something about the job, people, or for personal reasons.

But it figures out as one basic situation.

It’s when your job, your career, and yourself seem to be working against each other, and the job is the problem, not the solution.

Thanks to lousy job design, and antiquated work practices and work cultures, jobs can become an unreasonable ordeal.

Bad management is another classic cause. Professionals can only out up with so much. Competent people will only tolerate a certain level of incompetence.

Overloads are another very normal, very stressful, reason for people wanting out, and wanting it yesterday.

Workplace culture, which can be prehistoric, is normally a real incentive to leave. People don’t want to live in 1990s. They don’t see why they should.

Wages only keep people in jobs they hate until they find a way out. In many cases, no amount of money pays for the misery.


  • Move when you’re ready to move, and have somewhere to move to.
  • Don’t get impatient, get busy, get things done.
  • Make sure there’s some money coming in on the other side of the door, when you walk through it.
  • Find and remove any costs, debts or any other dead weights before leaving.
  • Don’t invent problems for yourself. You’ve done the worrying, now take care of business.

We have listed following resignation letter examples with notice periods. Don’t forget to customise them if you are going to use any of them.

Formal Resignation Letter Examples With A Notice Period

#1 Resignation Letter Example Due to Unfair Treatment

24 hours notice resignation

#2 Resignation Letter Example – Due to Illness

due to illness resignation

#3 Resignation Letter Example – Short Notice

short notice resign letter

#4 Resignation Letter Example with Two Weeks Notice

two weeks notice resignation letter

#5 Resignation Letter Example without Notice Period

no notice resignation letter

#6 Resignation Letter with 24 Hours Notice

notice period

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