Graphic Designer Resignation Letter Example

If you are going to quit your job as a Graphic Designer then you are at the right place. Check out and use our example below when you want to resign from your job.

Graphic Designer Resignation Letter Example

Leaving your job is a serious and important decision n to make. You need to take all the time you need before reaching a decision. Never resign from a job until you have got something else in hand. Start searching for new jobs while you are employed and then submit your resignation once you have the contract with your new employer.

How do I resign from a Graphic Designer job?

It’s a very straight forward process and no one should make a drama about it. You need to be professional and don’t include any emotions.

This is not a cove letter for a job application however you still need to write a letter without grammatical and spelling mistakes. A proofread would be ideal before sending the letter to your employer.

You can either email your letter to the employer or post it. Alternatively, you can just hand it to your manager while you are at work on your shift.

Graphic Designer Resignation Letter Example

[Your Name]

[Today’s Date]

[Name of Recipient]
[Address of Recipient]

Dear HR,

As required by my contract of employment, I hereby give you [ENTER YOUR NOTICE PERIOD HERE] weeks’ notice of my intention to leave my position as Graphic Designer.

I have decided that it is time to move on and I have accepted a position elsewhere. This wasn’t an easy decision and took a lot of consideration. However, I am confident that my new role will help me to move towards some of the goals I have for my career.

Please be assured that I will do all I can to assist in the smooth transfer of my responsibilities before leaving.

I wish bot you and [ENTER THE NAME OF YOUR CURRENT EMPLOYER] every good success and I would like to thank you for having me all these years.

Kind Regards

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