How do I resign immediately?

You should really give a notice period to your employer so they can find someone else for your position and be prepared. You can’t really say bye and be gone. However there are times that it’s not in your power to give notice period so you will just have to leave on the day you made your decision about leaving. This is called no notice resignation letter or immediate effect resignation letter.

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When is it OK to give no notice period when resigning?

If your resignation is due to an illness either you or your family. This is the only main excuse for employers to accept. Most employers won’t ask a proof of that situation but that doesn’t mean you should be dishonest and use the excuse not to work 2 more weeks.

Leaving your job on good terms is important. you shouldn’t really close door hard as you never know you may want to come back! And most importantly you will need your employer to confirm your employment with them whenever you apply for a new job. Your previous work place will also provide you a reference whenever you need them.

Can you think of any other reason to quit without a notice period?

You can also leave your job without giving them time is when your safety is at risk at work. If it’s impossible for you to stay any longer then you will just quit however it’s still good to explain it in a nice letter.

Another time when it is ok to leave your job without a notice period is when your employer says that it is ok not to work in a notice period. In order to use that option you will have to talk to your manager / boss and explain why you can’t work any longer and you should leave immediately. They will be ok with that in most cases as long as you know how to approach.

Check out your contract!

Notice periods are defined by the contracts between you and your employer. They would usually be a month or 2 weeks. Again, you can talk to your manager if you could not work a notice period. They will probably consult HR and see the operation whether they have enough work force or not.

Check out our resignation examples here on

Resignation Letter with 24 Hours Notice

It’s 24 hours notice but you can call that a no notice period! Basically your last shift was done and you are not coming back! Not recommended but you will do it if you have to do it.

Resignation Letter: No Notice Period

Not recommended unless you have to do it in that way. Check out the reasons above this page when it is ok to leave your job without any notice period.

Formal Resignation Letter Example

This is a proper way to do it! Most employers will appreciate if you use those ones if you are leaving your job.

Immediate Resignation Letter Example

Use this example if you are not going to give any notice period.

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