How to Resign From Your Job in 2021 with Great Example Letters

How to leave your job on good terms? Before writing any resignation letter, make sure that you are absolutely certain that leaving that firm is what you want to do, as the option to change your mind may not exist!

resign from your job in 2021

If you are leaving due to grievances at work or lack of training, promotion/career progression, low pay, etc. all of these things should be discussed with your employer before resignation. Your employer may offer to improve your situation and resolve these issues so that you do not feel the need to leave.

Resignation in the above situations should be a last resort not a first option. The employer will not necessarily be aware of your discontent so tell them. Offer them the chance to alter the situation before resigning.

If the issues cannot be resolved, then finding alternative employment before resigning is a wise move as employers always want what someone else has, and you are thus more valuable as an employee than someone who is unemployed.

How do I resign?

Generally, it is best to request a meeting with your manager, etc. to advise them in person of your desire to leave. Then you confirm the details formally in writing after the meeting or at the meeting. But it is better if the matter can be discussed in person. You can gauge the employers reaction and discuss any preparations that will be necessary re the hand-over of your duties to someone else.

Resigning by letter or email only, nothing verbal!

Whether resigning in writing or confirming your resignation in writing following a meeting, the letter should be fairly short and concise. If more details are requested you can supply those later.

Being too wordy in a resignation letter is not necessary as all your employer is interested in when you hand in your notice is the effect it will have on them and how they will replace you. They are much less interested in how you leaving them will benefit you!

What do I write:

The letter should be formal and polite. It will remain on your personal record with that firm for many years so do not put anything in it you may later regret. If you harbour resentment towards your boss, perhaps write the letter you’d like to write, then throw it in the bin. Then write a second one without the ”emotion.”

Resignation Letter Examples

#1 Due To Commute Resignation Letter Example

due to commute resignation

#2 Due to Marriage Resignation Letter Example

due to marriage resignation

#3 Resignation Letter Example Due to Low Salary

due to low salary resignation

#4 Due to No Childcare Resignation Letter Example

due to childcare resignation

#5 Resignation Letter Example Due to Unfair Treatment


#6 Resignation Letter Example – Due to Illness

due to illness resignation

#7 Resignation Letter Example: Returning to School

returning to school resignation

#8 Resignation Letter Example – Short Notice

short notice resign letter

#9 Resignation Letter Example with Two Weeks Notice

two weeks notice resignation letter

#10 Resignation Letter Example without Notice Period

no notice resignation letter

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