Interview Thank You Letters: Tips & Examples

Interview thank you letter is one good strategy of getting a job that people normally neglect. Many people who have tried it succeeded in getting the job they were interviewed for. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing that people like than when they are recognised and appreciated. Interview thank you letter is a way of showing appreciation and recognising ones office.

Interview Thank You Letters: Tips & Examples

When to Write an Interview Thank You Letter

Thank you letters are critical to your job search success, and interviews are not the only occasions to send thank-you and follow-up letters. If you’ve ever experienced helping or doing something for someone, and not receiving a thank-you, you understand how employers view this lack of courtesy on the part of job seekers.

  • A thank-you letter should be written after:
  • An interview; (See interview follow-up / thank-you letters)
  • A contact is helpful to you in a telephone conversation or e-mail;
  • Someone provides / sends information to you at your request;
  • A contact was particularly helpful to you at a career fair;
  • You visit a contact at their work site; and
  • Any other contact for which you want to express thanks and develop a good relationship.

Thank You Letter Examples

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Interview thank you letter acts as a propelling force that will push you forward to a higher step where the possibility of your securing the job is brighter. This is because your letter is an indication of your readiness to do the job with zeal. Secondly, interview thank you letter is a way of evoking the emotion of your interview towards your plight. With it he or she will see you as a qualified candidate for the job. Be assured that your interviewer will always keep you in mind while making judgement on the people interviewed.

Writing an interview thank you letter is tantamount to presenting a gift to your interviewer and possible employer. There is always a feeling of indebtedness, attachment, pity and responsibility by a receiver of a gift towards the giver of the gift. Gifts are catalysts for receiving favour from somebody. This is exactly what interview thank you letter will do for you. There is no body that does not like being appreciated and recognised. Appreciation is a way of asking for more favours. Interview thank you letter is booster. With it you are inscribing yourself in the mind of the employer.

However, interview thank you letters are not written anyhow. Improper writing of the letter can even mar your chances of getting the job. If you want to write thank your letter after an interview, make sure that it is properly written. If it is not written well you may end up incurring the anger of your employer and interviewer. There is an acceptable and standard ways of writing it.

Writing an Interview Thank You Letter

If you want to write an interview thank you letter, the first thing you should do is to gather more knowledge with regard to the methods of writing it. Study the procedures very well. If possible summarise it on a sheet of paper so that you will be following it one after the other while writing the letter.

Most organisations have Panels that conduct interviews for them. But all the members of the panel are not of the same consequence, rank and importance. Address your letter to the most highly ranked person in the panel. The person is like to be the employer himself or very close to the rank of the employer. The problem here is knowing the most highly ranked interviewer.

This can be very simple if you can be observant during the interview. Take a look at the seating arrangement and position of the interviewer. The person that seats on a remarkable position is likely to be the chief interviewer. His or her seat is always different from others both in cost and in beauty. Find out the name of the person and address your letter to the person.

In some rare occasion the employer or most highly ranked interviewer may depute his or her office to another person. The above also will help you to know such deputy. Since such deputy will make recommendation to the employer, you can address your letter to the person.

It is always advisable to draft the letter first and proofread the letter before typing it. This will help to eliminate errors both grammatical errors and mistakes in spelling of names and words. Poorly written letter belittles you and in fact questions your proficiency for the work. But well constructed thank you interview letters do the reverse.

In your letter try to be formal. Interview thank you letter is an official letter and therefore should be written with high sense of caution. Address the receiver of the letter by his or her first name. But don’t forget to put the person’s title. For instance you can start with dear Mr. Justin or dear Mrs. Justine.
Write your letter with simple words but well constructed. Remember that interview thank you letter is not an academic writing where you can play on words. Simple and short sentences are required. The letter is meant to communicate to the receiver.

In the body of the letter, thank him or her for the interview conducted. If possible mention one or two things that make the interview interesting. Remember to mention some of your positive qualities that make you qualified for the job. Write down your expectations.

Be positive in the letter. Interview thank you letter is good to be ended on a positive note. Include your contact address in the letter. Make sure that your name and the addressee name are well spelled.

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