Margaret Thatcher Resignation Letter

Margaret Thatcher resigned from the Leader of the Conservative party on the 22nd of November, 1990. Here is Margaret Hilda Thatcher’s Resignation letter and news story.

Margaret Thatcher Resignation Letter

A funny old world ends the Thatcher era

Mrs Thatcher’s 11-year reign as Prime Minister of Britain will be over within a week. She finally bowed to the advice of her Cabinet and withdrew from the Tory leadership contest.

She made her decision at 7.30 am and end called a meeting of the Cabinet for 9 am to inform her colleagues. As she left the meeting she said: “It is a funny old world”.

Mrs Thatcher is making it clear that she is still anti-Heseltine. She wants another member of the Cabinet to replace her. But she is not promoting any individual.

Margaret Thatcher Resignation Letter

Today’s momentous announcement brings to an end the longest premiership of the century.

But Mrs Thatcher will stay in charge of the country until the leadership struggle is nettled. If it goes into a third ballot, a new Prime Minister may not emerge until the next Thursday.

“The Prime Minister, the Right Honorable Margaret Thatcher, FRS, has informed the Queen that she does not intend to contest the second ballot of the election for leadership of the Conservative Party and intends to resign as Prime Minister as soon as a new leader of the Conservative Party has been elected.

“The Prime Minister will seek an audience of the Queen later this morning to convey her decision formally. The Prime Minister has released the following statement:

“ ‘Having consulted widely among colleagues, I have concluded that the unity of the party and the prospect of victory in a general election would be better served if I stood down to enable Cabinet colleagues to enter the ballot for the leadership. I should like to thank all those in Cabinet and outside who have given me such dedicated support.’ ”

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