Project Manager Resignation Letter Example

The project manager resignation letter example is free and fully editable. Download the sample below and start editing to use to quit your job nicely.

Leaving your job is normal just like starting a new job so no need to make a drama out of it. Your letter should simple and plain. No need to go into details. All they expect to see are your intention to resign and your notice period.

Project Manager Resignation Letter Example

It doesn’t matter how bad it was when you were working for your employer however you should still be a professional and act like one.

How do I resign from my project Manager job?

There are three ways to do:

– Post it to the HR Department of your company.
– Email it to your manager or HR person.
– Just hand it to your manager during your shift.

Project Manager Resignation Letter Example


After careful thought and consideration, I have decided to resign from my position as with effective .

I’d like to thank you for providing me with an opportunity to develop my skill set while gaining new work experience.

I wish you, and the entire team at the best of luck in the future.


Your signature

Notice period

Use your notice period as an opportunity to say bye and thank you to your colleagues and managers. Exchange your contact details with them just in case if you wanted to say hi after your resignation.

Don’t forget to take your line manager’s contact details as well. You will need to contact your manager when you apply for a new job for references. Your prospective employer will ask your former employer or manager to give professional details about you.

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