Sales Assistant Resignation Letter Example

So you have had enough of your job as a sales assistant with your current employer or opportunities turned up and you don’t want to miss it.

Sales Assistant Resignation Letter Example

You must be polite when you are leaving your job. It’s important to quit your job on good terms for your future career developments.

Here are some more quick tips on writing a resignation letter:

Job Resignation Letter Examples

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It is very much essential to write resignation letter in lower and positive tone. When you are leaving your employer you don’t have to be harsh, instead try to be polite and mention some positive aspects of the firm. Definitely when you leave some company, you don’t leave things that you learn in that company. So be thankful to your employer for making you learn many important things.

Sales Assistant Resignation Letter Example

Contact number
Email Address

Name of addressee
[Company Name]
Dear Addressee [Name],

Following few lines are for your kind consideration. This letter is to notify you that I [Your Name], is willing to leave the job of [job designation] as I have wonderful opportunity waiting ahead for me. It would enhance my career and efficiently I would be able to serve my family with their increasing needs.

I am thankful to you for providing me with professional working environment and allowing me to learn which would be with me for life time as a learning experience. On a positive note I want to resign from company and I am thankful for giving me opportunity to learn every bit of business. Personally I want to thank [supervisor, manager, associates, etc with whom you relate in company] for [reasons that determine your relations with your subordinates or employer].

After a month from the above mentioned date I would leave the company and I hope this time is enough to arrange for replacement against me. Kindly let me know if there is need of any kind of assistance before the final date of leaving job.

Again I am thankful for opportunities given by the organisation and every people who were associated with me at the time of work.

Best regards,
[Name, Title]

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