Support Worker Resignation Letter Example

If you have decided to leave your job as a Support Worker and looking for a resignation template then you are at the right place.

We have many resignation letter templates here at They are all free and you can edit them easily. You can also send them to your employer as they are.

#1 Formal Resignation Letter Examples With A Notice Period

Depends on the employment contract between you and your employer, you may have to serve a notice period. You can use this template if you need to give a notice period when you are leaving your job. It’s usually two weeks however this is up to the contract between you and your boss.

#2 Formal Resignation Letter Examples With A Reason

You don’t really need to explain yourself within your letter. All they need to know intention to leave and their last day at work. You can however give a reason why you want to quit your job. People usually want to explain their situation to leave their jobs on good terms.

#3 Due To Commute Resignation Letter Example

You may not have a car to drive to work and public transport may not be an option for you. Use this template if you are going to resign due to commuting problems.

#4 Due to Marriage Resignation Letter Example

People may want to leave their jobs when they married due to re-location or choosing to be a parent or any other reasons can be used when writing your resignation letter.

#5 Resignation Letter Example Due to Low Salary

We always deserve more money than what we get now. Many people search for jobs while they are employed at a company. Most of those searches are taking place at workplaces. It’s important to find a new job with better pay and conditions before submitting your resignation otherwise you may regret it later on.

#6 Due to No Childcare Resignation Letter Example

Childcare is one of the biggest reason why people quit in the world and in the UK. In many cases, childcare cost more than what you earn from your job and as a result, people choose to stay at home than working and getting into debt. You should consider talking to your employer about your childcare problems before taking an action to leave.

#7 Resignation Letter Example Due to Unfair Treatment

If you have been treated unfairly at work then you can use this template to quit your job. Many people in this country feel like they are being treated unfairly at work and they have to cope with it because of the current tough employment market. Try writing to your manager and explain what you have been going through to see if it helps.

#8 Resignation Letter Example – Due to Illness

You have not many options but to leave your job when you are seriously ill. Usually, employers will understand your situation and help you with the process.

#9 Resignation Letter with 24 Hours Notice

It’s not possible to give two weeks notice in some cases. You may want to leave your job without a notice period or a short one.

#10 Resignation Letter Example with Two Weeks Notice

Giving a two weeks notice is the most appropriate resignation type for both employers and employees. Depending on the contract you have with your employer, it’s usually two weeks notice to be served.

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