Thank You Letter Example: Follow Up After an Interview

It’s always good idea to follow up an interview. You had your interview weeks ago and heard nothing since then again. And then you will start getting worried and questions will start bothering you in the head: “What did I do wrong?” “What could I do differently?” etc.

Don’t leave it to luck. Remind them that you want this job and you have the relevant skills and experience.

You should also not be afraid of asking these questions:

‘What will be the next stage from here?’
‘When can I expect to hear?

Don’t forget to Thank the interviewer once again for his/her time.

You can use our example thank you letter here for free however you should amend this letter as suitable before sending it to your interviewer.

Thank You Letter Examples

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Thank You Letter Example: Follow Up After an Interview

Your Name

334 Some Road, Some Town, DD1 1CC

Mrs Clare Jansen
HHK Company
That Street
Some Town


Dear Sir/Madam,

Thank you for interviewing me at Tesco store in [Town]. I was impressed with the company and the type of supermarket services the corporation provides for its staffs and customers.

Your comments gave me a good understanding of the business and your expectations for the Checkout operator you are looking for. I am confident that my background and experience in retail and my ability to [add skills] could be useful to Tesco.

If you were to offer me this position, I believe that I could provide services that would meet the high standards of your corporation.

I look forward to talking again with you soon.

Kind Regard


Thank You Letter Example Follow Up After an Interview

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