Theresa May Resignation Letter: Will She Resign

There May to resign? Calls for PM to Stand down as Brexit deal fails yet again!

Prime Minister had to face another defeat last night and her own MPs let her down once again. Despite what public wanted at the referendum MPs are very reluctant to deliver this to them.

theresa may resignation letter

Under normal circumstances, two policy rejections of this magnitude would lead to a Prime Minister prompt resignation however May hasn’t given any sign of that.

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The Daily Telegraph’s chief political correspondent, Christopher Hope, tweeted after the vote: “One Tory MP tells me his colleagues will consider whether they will go to see Theresa May in a delegation to say that it is time to resign to reboot the Brexit talks. It could be a long night.”

The pressure on Mrs May at its highest at the moment and She may resign anytime from now!

Coral spokesman John Hill said: “Theresa May’s days as PM looked numbered and if her Brexit deal is not voted for this evening, she could be gone as early as tomorrow which has been well backed today.

“Michael Gove tops the betting to replace May, while Boris Johnson and Sajid Javid are also prominent in the betting.”

He added: “The betting suggests this could be the end of the road for Theresa May as she is odds-on to be replaced as Prime Minister at some point this year and those odds are sure to shorten even further over the next couple of days.”

We will post Theresa May’s resignation letter as soon as she declare it to the public.

Brexit talks is still in progress and no one knows where it will go from here. Will article 50 extended or revoked? What do you think? Comment below.

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