Top Tips to Write Resignation Letter in 2020

Are you going to resign from your current job? Are you sure? Job market is a bit tough these days. Anyway, go ahead if you are determined.

resignation letter tips

First of all, be polite. Don’t be rude. Leave your job on good terms. You never know, you may want to come back to this job that you are leaving. Do not slam the door!

Resignation letter format remains same in any kind of such letter but the only thing that changes is the content. Depending on the situation for which you are leaving job decides what type of letter is to be written.

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You must have heard this, if you cannot create friends don’t create enemy. Same rule gets applied when you are working as a team for particular project at office place. Now after working successfully if you plan to switch on job then first thing that you would do is submit resignation letter. Now when you don’t want enemies behind it is but obvious you would write letter in positive and formal tone.

You need to create such an impact on your employer that even after resigning he or she should keep remembering your work. Now this is possible if you showcase complete professionalism.

Here are some of the tips to write formal resignation letter:

  • Show some humanity while writing resignation letter by saying, you would do the needful for the company for the time period when you are in office.
  • Avoid defamation and bring in positive attitude in letter.
  • Before submitting letter it is advisable to give verbal notification. Don’t just depend on verbal notification as you might get dismissed if you do not show up at office after verbally resigning.
  • Get two to three extra copies of resignation letter and submit it to your HR as well. Keep one copy with you.
  • In case in your contract if some clause is mentioned related to resigning then follow that like resigning by giving proper notice period.
  • Avoid sending resignation letter by mail or fax. Give letter in hand to your employer.
  • Use headed note paper to print the letter.
  • In your letter you can emphasise on things like kind of knowledge you have gained, way you handled work or projects, etc.
  • You can also mention your skills in short in letter.
  • Proof read your letter once you are done with writing in order to avoid spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Keep letter simple and clear.
  • Don’t talk on irrelevant topics in letter.
  • Once you submit the letter your employer may ask for your feedback so be prepared for it.

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